Celebuzz’d 036: Carla Hall and Lorraine Pascale Are Here to Save Your Burnt Thanksgiving Turkey

The holidays are coming up, and we can already see that you’re sweating over the menu.

Deep breaths. Smell the turkey, lick the butter. Everything is going to be just fine if you just plan ahead for the holiday dinner you didn’t know you were hosting until you volunteered to do so just now. Whether you’re hosting your first Thanksgiving feast, a Friendsgiving dinner for a few close pals, or need some advice on what to cook for your vegetarian friends, chefs Carla Hall and Lorraine Pascale have some tips for you in this special holiday episode of Celebuzz’d.

Hall, a co-host of The Chew and the author of Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs You, has partnered with Aldi to provide you with bite-sized tricks that will make your holiday happen in an unforgettable way without breaking the bank. In our conversation on this episode, Hall reminds us to keep an open mind and have a game plan in place when heading out to the grocery store. She also suggests a wonderful recipe for a hearty vegetarian alternative to meat entrées and tells you how to break down your turkey like a chicken if things go awry on Thanksgiving day.

“One thing I want to share with people who are cooking a turkey for the first time is to break it down. You could actually have somebody do it at the store,” says Hall. “So instead of dealing with this massive bird, then if you break it down, you have your breasts, you have your wings, you have your legs, your thighs … Roast them and it’s gonna cut down on your time. You can actually marinate them or brine them or put a dry glaze on them. You have less space now that you need to store that turkey. The only thing you have to prep ahead of time is to actually get it and thaw it in your fridge safely so that you can break it down.”

Then, Pascale, host of Holiday Baking Championship and Worst Bakers in America tells us about her transition to a culinary career after rising to fame as a supermodel. She shares the most common mistakes that she’s witnessed in the work of amateur chefs and bakers and tells you how to avoid them. In addition to using a baking tin that’s bigger or smaller than the one indicated in the recipe, Pascale says that too many bakers forget to measure their ingredients.

“Baking is a science. You can’t just wing it!” says Pascale.

Get out a pen and paper and write down these chefs’ tips as you listen to our podcast below.

Purchase Carla Hall’s books on Amazon, check your local listings find out when you can catch the next episode of The Chew, and head over to Aldi’s website for more of her holiday entertaining tips. Find out when and where to watch Lorraine Pascale on the Holiday Baking Championship by checking the show’s website. For more cooking tips and cocktail recipes, check out our previous interviews with Daphne Oz and Gail Simmons.

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