‘Game of Thrones’ Star Lena Headey Gets Some Help from Execs in Custody Battle 

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In recent weeks, actress Lena Headey has been duking it out with her ex-husband, Peter Loughran, over their six-year-old son, Wylie. Although they have a custody agreement, the Game of Thrones star has been in the U.K. for months to film the hit HBO show’s seventh season, which Loughran, who is back in Los Angeles, claims is in violation of his custody rights. Now, Headey has submitted a note from an executive producer on the show stating that the 43-year-old can’t leave Westeros quite yet!

In a court document acquired by TMZ, EP Bernadette Caulfield confirms that Headey needs to stay in the U.K. through February 2017 for “possible addition scenes and pick-ups.”

Under the former couple’s current custody agreement Headey is allowed to take her son to the U.K. only when she is filming, but Loughran says he hasn’t seen his son in three months and feels the arrangement needs to change.

Sources with TMZ shared that Headey, who’s from the U.K., wants to permanently relocate back to the British Isles for the schools and to be near her family. However, this would obviously make it very difficult for her ex-husband to see their son.

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