LISTEN: DNCE Drops Debut Album and More New Music

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A shirtless Joe Jonas has us all hot and bothered

It’s Friday, and that means there’s plenty of new music to get you through the day. To start things off, Joe Jonas’s new group DNCE dropped their self-titled debut album, and it might have you dancing at your desk all day.

In addition to their hit single, “Cake By the Ocean,” which will never leave your brain no matter how hard you try to make it, the album is full of fun tracks inspired heavily by funk, disco and ’80s music. It’s an upbeat, ridiculous collection of songs that make it feel like summer even if it’s freezing outside.

DNCE’s DNCE is available now. Stream it on Spotify below.

Lupe Fiasco is also bringing the new music this weekend. According to Billboard, the Chicago rapper put out a new single today produced by StreetRunner called “Made in the USA.”

Lupe raps over a punishing bass line, exploring guns, drugs and hardship that are all “Made in the USA”. The single will likely appear on his upcoming album Drogas Light, which should be out at the beginning of 2017.

Stream Lupe Fiasco’s “Made in the USA” on Spotify below.

If you need to calm down a little after that, The Weeknd and Daft Punk have you covered with their new single, “I Feel it Coming.” It’s a slow, sexy tune that feels like Daft Punk pulled it straight out of the late 1970s and lightly added their own futuristic style. Stream it on Spotify below.

The Weeknd has been busy this week, releasing two new singles. His second track, “Party Monster,” was co-written by Lana Del Rey and it shows. Her heavy pop instrumentation is all over this track. It’s a great slow number, perfect for moving closer to the guy or girl you’ve been dancing with at the party. Stream The Weeknd’s “Party Monster” below on Spotify.

Finally, Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, put out another track from his upcoming album, Awaken, My Love!, according to Billboard. “Redbone” is the second single the rapper has put out in as many weeks. This time, it’s a slow, R&B-inspired song featuring some truly impressive vocals by Gambino. Bet you didn’t know he could sing like that. By the time the choir kicks in, we bet the song will have won you over completely. Listen to Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” on Spotify below.