WATCH: Serena Williams Chooses Justin Bieber in a Game of ‘Who’d You Rather?’

Serena Williams played a game of celebrity “Who’d You Rather?” with Ellen DeGeneres.

During an appearance on Ellen on Friday (Nov. 18, 2016) the tennis star was asked about her love life. However, when she refused to disclose any details about “the special person in her life,” the talk show host decided to take matters into her own hands by playing “Who’d You Rather?”.

After going back and forth between Jake GyllenhaalMichael B. Jordan, and Idris Elba, Williams finally landed on the man of her dreams.“I am definitely going with Justin Bieber,” she gushed. “It’s always going to be Justin Bieber.”

Williams also discussed how it felt to dance with Beyoncé. “It’s a lot of pressure because you don’t want to mess up,” she said. “Bey is so great, she’s such a wonderful performer. I’ve performed, tennis wise, in front of thousands of people, but not crowds that huge.”

Watch her explain her Bey-xperience in the video below!