Amber Heard Faces $10 Million Lawsuit for Allegedly Failing to Honor Promotional Work for ‘London Fields’ 

Amber Heard has put her divorce with Johnny Depp behind her but another storm of litigation is brewing around her film London Fields. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Heard is being sued for $10 million for breaching her contract in which she agreed to do promotion work for the film.

Last year, when London Fields debuted at the Toronto Film Festival, Heard and film’s director Matthew Cullen refused to show up. Not long after Cullen sued the project’s producer Christopher Hanley, claiming he completely reworked the film’s final cut. And naturally, Hanley countersued, claiming Cullen went over budget and took too long on the film. Now Hanley is financially reprimanding Heard for the breach of contract.

And if all that isn’t enough drama, there are reports that the production, which Depp also had a minor role in, might have played a part in the couple’s dramatic and highly publicized divorce.

As of now, the film is without a distributor due to the legal battle over the film’s final cut and creative team’s unwillingness to promote London Fields in its current state.

$10 million is a high price to pay for honoring your artistic convictions.