WATCH: Billy Eichner Attempts to Convince People That Seth Rogen Is Dead

Everyone likes to hear nice things said about them, including celebrities. Funnyman Billy Eichner recently took to the streets to gift his pal Seth Rogen loads of nice comments from strangers — by telling them he died. Thankfully, Rogen was on hand to cheer them up afterward!

In the new segment for Billy on the Street, Eichner gave a nod to all the numerous celebrities we’ve lost in 2016 by telling folks a morbid little fib. As always, roughly 30-40% of people he spoke with didn’t know who Rogen was. But the comedy fans (and random New Yorkers) they cornered make the clip worth it.

Highlights include two men from Australia calling Rogen a “bear,” to which Rogen responded congenially with, “I thought I was a cub.” Another is a lady going off on the Neighbors 2 star, stating, “I don’t think he’s funny at all” before getting introduced to him…

It’s awkward and weird and wonderful. Check out the clip above!