Chloë Grace Moretz Rides a Giant Dinosaur in New Harper’s Bazaar Spread

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CREDIT: Kristian Schuller
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Chloë Grace Moretz isn't done with acting just yet.

Chloë Grace Moretz, and Coach, and dinosaurs! Oh my!

That was the idea behind the actress’ latest sartorial spread with Harper’s Bazaar. As the current face of Coach, the 19-year-old is celebrating the label’s 75th anniversary with a Land of the Lost themed photo shoot with designer Stuart Vevers. Inspired by the brand’s new whimsical mascot, Rexy the dinosaur, the pictures featured your favorite creatures from the prehistoric era.

“It wasn’t strategic,” Ververs said of Rexy. “It was purely something random that I liked.”

“The change has been bold, but I’ve always felt that there’s an appetite for it,” he continued. “And it seems to be the case. “People have responded really well to fashion from Coach,”

As a fan of quirky fashion, Moretz was quick to point out how much of her personality was reflected in the latest collection. After all, she did have to model all the pieces.

“He’s really made Coach embody what the youth of America is,” said of Ververs. “I think this season is the closest to who I am. It feels a little bit like the bad kid, which is cool.”

CREDIT: Kristian Schuller