WATCH: Zayn Malik and Niall Horan’s Totally Awkward Encounter at the 2016 American Music Awards

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What do you get when you put a member of One Direction in the same room as his former bandmate? Well, this.

On Sunday night (Nov. 20, 2016), Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, who left the popular boy band in 2015, crossed paths at the 2016 American Music Awards. Though the two were close during their time in 1D, their reunion was nothing short of awkward.

In a video captured by an attendee, Horan, who was making his way through the packed Microsoft Theater with his entourage, stretched out his hand to Malik to give him a handshake. Malik appeared to be caught off-guard and gingerly reciprocated the gesture before Horan was whisked away by his entourage.

Needless to say, the clip went viral in the One Direction fandom. Emotions ranged from delight, since the boys had an ever-so-brief meeting, to disappointment, over Malik’s seemingly lukewarm welcome.

Though Horan was only at the star-studded ceremony to perform his new solo single, “This Town,” Malik nabbed the top honor for New Artist of the Year. While accepting his award, Malik quipped, “Wow. This just has my name on it, right?”

Prior to their brief encounter, Horan expressed his excitement in seeing Malik again after they both decided to pursue their respective solo projects.

“I haven’t spoken to him in a few months or whatever, and haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing him,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “This is a show that [One Direction] had success at back in previous years, and had some good performances and had some great nights at, and I’m looking forward to making a few more memories.”