Donald Trump Won’t Pursue Charges Against Hillary Clinton 

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In the last few months of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, one of his favorite lines of attack was to tell his supporters that, if elected, he planned to get a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server in her home. Implying that despite being cleared of any charges by the FBI and the Department of Justice, that he was convinced she had broken laws. This is also why “lock her up” was the go-to chant at his rallies. But, now that Trump has won the White House it appears, for the time being at least, that all those threats were just bluster meant to fire up his base.

“I think when the President-elect, who’s also the head of your party, tells you before he’s even inaugurated that he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone, and content,” Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager and now senior advisor on his transition team said today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe when asked about how the future POTUS will address those campaign promises.

Conway took it a step further, stating that Americans shouldn’t expect to see the type of vitriol that Trump espoused during his campaign when he takes office next year.

“Look, I think he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the President of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them,” she said.

In related Trump news, Harry Hurt III, one of the real estate mogul’s many biographers, has come forward to claim that Trump planted a story in 1991 claiming he had an affair with model Carla Bruni before she married French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Bruni has vehemently denied the claim ever since.

According to the Washington Post, the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States has long and storied history of planting stories about his dating life.