WATCH: Justin Bieber Punched a Fan in the Face in Spain 

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Justin Bieber has spent the last few days in Barcelona, Spain where he kicked the ball around with FC Barcelona star Neymar. But late last night, an over-eager fan reached into the pop star’s open window as he cruised past and Bieber took matters into his own hands…literally.

In TMZ clip, a scarf-wearing fanatic couldn’t keep their hands to themselves, grabbing for the “Sorry” singer in the backseat of a passing car. Bieber fought the Belieber off, but this fan was persistent, running alongside the car and continuing to reach for the pop star. Finally, the video shows Bieber clocking his fan in the face from the window.

Violence is never the answer, but it’s intense watching a swarm of people engulf a car. Based on images that followed the incident, the fan ended up with a bloody lip.

Here’s the video: