Kathy Griffin on Plastic Surgery, Ariana Grande and Her Love Letter to Cher

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Kathy Griffin has meet a lot of celebrities in her lifetime

Never one to shy away from telling it like it is, Kathy Griffin recently opened up about a myriad of things, from botox, to how she “made” Ariana Grande, to why younger celebrities don’t like her. And then there’s her love letter to Cher.

Griffin sat down with host Frankie Grande of Amazon’s live stream fashion and beauty show Style Code Live to dish… here’s are a few snippets:

On younger celebrities disliking her:

“You know not everyone’s a fan, there’s a lot of stories in there about people that, I really do believe it or not, I actually do like it when, if I can kind of turn a celebrity around. So you know, and what I find often, that it’s the younger ones that tend to maybe not enjoy me as much, Demi Lovato, and then maybe when they get older maybe they’ll think Ms. Kathy is funny. But that is something that I very much learned from my dear departed Joan Rivers and my good pal Don Rickles. Like its been cool, when I watched Joan and still being friends with Don Rickles like to see how cool it is that a lot of these celebrities finally like if you keep doing it, because Cher and I are the cockroaches that will survive the apocalypse, which by the way is here, the election, turns out, it’s here…made it! And so I like that when, I mean look, celebrities can hate me and I totally have it coming, but it’s actually quite gratifying when later on they’re like ‘Oh! You’re just kidding.’ Like I’ve had several people, Miley was literally like, ‘Wait this whole time you were just telling jokes?’”

CREDIT: Craig Barritt/Getty Images

On her new book and love letter to Cher:

“Some of the stories are intentionally funny, some are straight up jaw-droppers, some are just love letters, like obviously, “Dear Cher.” Dear Cher, I love you. Rosie O’Donnell introduced us, which was so cool because Ro has always been – I call her a connector. She’s always been super generous about ‘You should meet this person,’ and then she really follows through. And Cher is the only one by the way, because a lot of people are nervous, but just so you know, honestly, I didn’t tell anyone who was going to be in the book. Your sister doesn’t know. Like most people that are in it, they’re either going to hear it and be pissed or hear it and be like, ‘Oh my God,’ but, Cher just kept going ‘What is it? I don’t want to see it. Is it good? Don’t tell me!’ I’m like, ‘Girl, relax. It’s obviously a love letter.’”

On Ariana Grande’s first television debut on Kathy’s comedy show:

“Obviously, everyone knows I made her, I mean I just lift people up.”

On going under the knife, ditching botox and plastic surgery:

“First of all, I guess the sort of news flash is, I truly have not done any botox or anything for years. The funny thing is in 2000, I got a full face lift, the whole thing, but, I just, I’m not on a high horse, I just stopped doing it because I think when I was doing all of that stuff I really thought I would just turn into Scarlett Johansson or Emma Stone, it turns out I’m stuck being Kathy Griffin.”

Griffin appears on Style Code this Wednesday, November 23rd at 9PM/EST.