WATCH: Lauren Graham Talks ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Her New Book, and Freezing Her Body

‘Gilmore Girls’: Lauren Graham on Which of Rory's Exes Is 'The One'
There are so many nagging questions we’re hoping the revival answers!

Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her new book, Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival series, and an anti-aging technique that involved freezing her body.

Ellen DeGeneres got to the meat of the interview right away, asking why Graham would freeze herself. Graham said that the cryotherapy process is supposed to reduce inflammation, but for her, it was just a fun way to spend a Saturday. Graham was told that the freezing process comes from Europe. Ellen theorized that it’s just a way for Europeans to laugh at Americans.

The conversation turned to Gilmore Girls. Graham says she snapped back into the show as if no time had passed at all. Although she was initially nervous about returning to the role, Graham called it “the happiest day of her life.” Watch the entire interview below.

Graham wasn’t only there to talk; DeGeneres also mader her play a game of Five Second Rule. There was a twist this time, though. Since Graham’s job on Gilmore Girls is to talk as fast as she can, DeGeneres reasoned that saying three things in five seconds is much too easy for her. To make it more of a challenge, she had to name four. The results are… well, just watch for yourself.

Check out the gallery above for more moments from Graham’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.