LISTEN: Previously Unreleased Prince Song Gets Posthumous Release

Prince's NPG Records Sues Jay Z's Roc Nation for Illegally Streaming the Late Singer's Entire Catalog on Tidal
Prince's record label NPG is suing Jay Z's Roc Nation for illegally streaming the late singer's music on Tidal

A new song Prince that recorded years before his death has been released posthumously as a part of greatest hits collection, Prince 4ever.

The song called “Moonbeam Levels” was originally recorded in 1982 and premiered on Tuesday (Nov. 22, 2016) via a private listening party that was hosted by ABC News. Watch and listen to the whole thing above!

According to ABC, the song was first recorded while Prince was working on his 1999 album and bootleg renditions eventually became available. “Moonbeam Levels” was even covered by Elvis Costello at the 2013 “The Music of Prince” tribute concert at Carnegie Hall. The legendary singer died of an overdose in April at age 57 and was recently honored at the 2016 American Music Awards.

Prince 4ever, a 40-track album, was released on Tuesday via NPG and Warner Bros. Records. Purchase here, on Amazon.

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