Watch: Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Halsey and More Sing for Charity on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ 

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel dedicates an entire episode to help raise funds for AIDS victims with (RED), and this year he pulled out all the stops!

In a new clip, the late-night host pretends to throw a swanky holiday party, the guest list of which would make Elton John blush. Channing Tatum, Julia Roberts, Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Bell, Halsey, DJ Khaled and Brandon Flowers, the singer from The Killers, all stroll out on stage in tuxedos where they break into a rousing song about helping those in need lest you end up in hades.

“We’ve got Ferraris and a weekend home in Carmel,” Flowers sings from the piano at one point. “But if we don’t help people with AIDS, we’re going to hell,” the rest belt out in unison.

As the mock-standard winds down, yet another celeb appears dressed as the Angel of Darkness himself, who also does some crooning, naturally.

Later in the show, which definitely winks at the TV Christmas specials of yore, Tatum and Harris even do some tap dancing! However, the fluffy white shag carpet kinda robs the duo’s performance of a certain something.

Check out the fun in the clip above!