WATCH: Ciara Breaks Down in Tears During Children’s Hospital with Russell Wilson

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Ciara already knows what she wants to name her new baby.

It was a pretty emotional day for Ciara on Tuesday (Nov. 22, 2016) when she visited the Seattle Children’s Hospital. The singer, who’s currently pregnant with her second child, broke down in tears after meeting a 20-month-old named Wesley who was said to be at the end of his life.

As husband Russell Wilson stood by the young patient’s bedside, Ciara had to step out of the room to regain her composure. After learning that Wesley had tried to open his eyes to see his visitors, Ciara started crying as she addressed the camera crew filming the meeting.

“Wesley is two years old and he is at the end of his life, in the blind cycle, so pretty sad. Pretty tough for me being a mom, because I didn’t even know what to expect when I walked in there,” she said with visible tears in her eyes. “He just opened his eyes and they were saying he hadn’t opened his eyes for a while so that’s pretty sweet.”

She shared, “So really, really tough time. Very special time.”

Ciara and Wilson also took handprints to give to Wesley. In a Instagram photo of the couple by his bedside, Ciara captioned, “Angel Baby Wesley…. It was truly one of the most memorable days meeting you and making our handprints to add to your handprints! ❤️ What a great joy it was to know that you opened your eyes for the first time in a while!”

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Ciara continued, “I’d like to encourage everyone in our timelines to pray for Wesley and his mom! They’re saying he’s at his end of life cycle, but I do know that prayers can heal, and miracles are real!”

“Wesley is an inspiration to @Ciara & I!” Wilson added on his Instagram.

Watch their full visit to the children’s hospital — below.