Please Enjoy These Photos of Prince Harry Playing with Sea Turtles 

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Prince Harry is a busy man these days. He’s currently on a 14-day tour of the Caribbean that so far has involved joining kids for some sports, attending a reception where he and his new flame Meghan Markle were offered a hypothetical honeymoon (should they get hitched soon), and heading to the dual-island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Thankfully, while there, he got to meet some tiny sea turtles!

The royal redhead met his new friends-in-a-half-shell at the Nevis turtle conservation project at Lover’s Beach (wink wink, nudge nudge). The prince even helped release the little guys into the sea!

Earlier in the day, the prince put on a suit and tie to help unveil a donation to the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy Project on the islands. The festivities included drummers and dancers in colorful customary attire to help celebrate the occasion. And for the briefest of moments…Harry did some gyrating.

Check out the royal dance moves here:

Be sure to check out the prince’s time bonding with turtles in the gallery above!