Coco Austin and Ice T’s Bulldog Spartacus Passed Away 

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Coco Austin and Ice T said farewell Sunday (Nov. 27, 2016) to their beloved bulldog Spartacus. The six-year-old pup reportedly underwent knee surgery, which resulted in complications and, sadly, his untimely death.

“My heart is hurting tremendously,” Austin captioned a photo of their deceased dog. “Today Sparty died after knee surgery complications.He was my 1st baby with Ice [sic]. There’ll never be another dog like him.”

Ice T also addressed the loss on Twitter, writing, “Terrible News: This morning I lost my Best Friend.. Spartacus died from a complication after surgery.. He had cancer in his knee.. So sad.”

Spartacus and their other bulldog Max were inseparable and duo were often seen alongside their Hollywood owners around town and in countless photos. Just days earlier, Austin shared a photo of the pooches gathered around Ice T on Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanks Thanksgiving! Watching the football game with Dad

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Peruse more photos on the pair’s own Instagram account.

RIP Spartacus.