Khloé Kardashian Talks Meeting Dream Kardashian for the First Time

It’s been about two weeks since Dream Kardashian made her official debut and now Aunty Koko is giving fans an inside look at what went down the day she was born.

In the latest post on her app, Khloé Kardashian writes about the day Dream was born, from the time her airplane landed in L.A. to the time she went home. According to Khloé’s timeline, she arrived in L.A. at 9:30 am after having to drive from Cleveland to Detroit in order to catch an earlier plane because Blac Chyna’s c-section was moved up.

Khloé was the first sister to arrive at the hospital, where she was greeted by mom Kris Jenner, who was present for the birth. Khloé arrived just in time because by the time she makes her way to the room, Dream has arrived and is ready to meet her Aunty Koko.

Khloé writes that everyone in the room takes turns holding baby Dream, who does not cry at all while they wait for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick to arrive. Kourtney and Disick arrived soon after but decided to leave the kids at home.

Even though the visit was short, it all happened in about an hour, Khloé revealed her favorite part about meeting her new niece, “It’s so incredible to see Rob [Kardashian] as a dad! I can’t wait to see him interact with Dream as she grows up.”