Niall Horan Says One Direction ‘Will Be Back’ 

Ever since One Direction told their fans they had decided to take a break, music lovers everywhere have feared the worst. But now, even while promoting his first solo album, Niall Horan is taking the time to shut down the rumors.

“We will [be] back,” the “This Town” singer told the British paper the Sunday People, via The Sun. “We would be silly not to…ridiculous.”

Horan went on to explain that their hiatus really began with Harry Styles signing on to be in the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, leaving the remaining members to pursue their side projects and enjoy some well-earned downtime with friends and family.

“At the moment we are all doing our own thing. Harry wanted to do this movie and everyone is just chilling,” Horan said. “I don’t think anyone needs to worry about us, we are fine.”

Besides Horan’s new music and Style’s foray into acting, Liam Payne has begun work on his own solo album and Louis Tomlinson has embraced parenthood, welcoming his son Freddie earlier this year.