‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: A Fun Favorite Returns

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is enjoying sinking his teeth into Negan’s devious and maniacal behavior

Remember when Tara and Heath decided to go on a two-week scavenging run right after they took out that Savior outpost? On Sunday’s (Nov. 27, 2016) episode of The Walking Dead, we find out what they’ve been up to.

[Stop reading if you haven’t seen the episode]

The episode “Swear” opens on a beach scene, where a little girl, Rachel, and a young woman, Cyndie, are scoping for walkers. They find one, and Rachel is more than willing to stab it in the head. Then she spots what she thinks is another one, right at the surf’s edge. Except it isn’t a zombie, it’s Tara, and she’s passed out. Rachel wants to kill her anyway, but Cyndie stops her.

Flashback to Heath and Tara in the camper. They’ve been gone for two weeks and haven’t found much on their supply run. Heath is having a tough time dealing with the fact they slaughtered all those Saviors at the satellite station, but Tara doesn’t have a problem with it. They had to do it to survive. Tara wants to keep going to at least find some ammo. Heath says they’ll continue on to the shore for a another day but then, they’ll go back.

Back to present time. Cyndie has dragged Tara into the shade and leaves water, food and a spear for her when she wakes up. Tara, however, is only pretending to be still be passed out. She opens her eyes and watches Cyndie, eventually following her back to a cottage community of what looks like all women. It’s called Oceanside.

Tara stays hidden and tries to get the lay of the land, when suddenly she notices them rushing around and handing out guns from a supply shack. They’ve spotted Tara and start shooting at her. She beats one, Beatrice, and takes her gun but is stopped by Rachel, holding a pistol. She wants to kill Tara. Again. But Cyndie stops her. Again. Tara is suddenly surrounded by the women with guns. She tries to play it cool.

Flashback to Tara and Heath, who have to hoof it when they come to a bridge that is blocked. It looks like an abandoned camp, with tents, tarps and a turned-over dump truck, filled with sand. Tara pulls at something in a huge pile of sand and suddenly it cascades down, revealing a bunch of ravenous sand walkers. Eek. Heath seems to get away, but Tara is surrounded. Later, we see Tara does indeed fall off the bridge.

Back at Oceanside, Tara lies about where she’s from and the leader of the group, Natania, clearly knows it. Natania tells Tara they usually kill strangers on site, but because Tara didn’t kill any of them when she had the chance, they’ll spare her life – and have her over for dinner. Natania wants to convince Tara to stay. She likes Tara but can’t trust her that if she leaves, she won’t tell her people where they are. Then Tara asks the question we’ve all been thinking, “Where are all the men?” They apparently got into a skirmish with another group and all the men were killed, plus others too.

Then Tara tells them the truth, about Alexandria, about the Saviors outpost, but of course she has no idea what has happened since she left. If they let her go, Tara says maybe they could all work together. Natania wants to keep Oceanside a secret, but lets Tara go and sends two of her group, Beatrice and Kathy, with her to find Heath and scout out the situation. As they leave, Rachel spits on the ground in front of Tara, who turns, smiles and gives the little girl the finger.

Tara really does intend to escape and finds her chance, taking off. Beatrice and Kathy are in hot pursuit, shooting at her. Tara hides from them, and pounces when Beatrice is close, almost stealing her gun again, but this time she bests Tara. This is when Beatrice tells Tara how it is and why they kill strangers on site. The Saviors are everywhere, says Beatrice. Tara thinks they killed them all, but Bea informs her that was just an outpost. There are many, many more, and they are the ones that killed all their men, including boys. The Saviors lined them up and shot them in the head.

Beatrice cannot let Tara go because Oceanside cannot be found. She is about to shoot Tara, when Cyndie comes out of nowhere, knocks out Beatrice, and saves Tara once again. Cyndie is tired of the killing, and just wants to be human again. She’ll take Tara to the bridge to look for Heath, but she makes Tara swear she’ll never tell anyone about Oceanside. Tara promises her she won’t.

The sandy walkers are still on the bridge, but no Heath. Tara makes it across, with Cyndie’s help, and sees that the camper is gone. All she finds is Heath’s broken glasses, tire marks and a card that has “PPP” on it. She’s not mad but hopeful Heath got away (where to, we don’t know).

Tara walks all the way back to Alexandria and is greeted by a weepy Eugene at the gate. We then see Tara in Dr. Denise’s office, processing what must be a complete shock. Her girlfriend, Glenn, Abraham, all dead. Rosita is with her and says they don’t have to just sit around and take what the Saviors dish out. They can fight. She asks Tara if she found anything of use out there, guns, ammo, anything. Tara lies, “I didn’t see anything like that out there.”

She’s keeping her promise. For now.