Craig David Wants You to Know That His Muscles Are 100 Percent Real

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All the shirtless hunks you can possible imagine.

British singer Craig David isn’t dead and he’s perfectly fine, thank you very much.

Addressing a weird conspiracy theory that he was killed off during his five-year hiatus from music and replaced with a much buffer dude, the 35-year-old denies strange allegations that his body transformation is the result of a doppelgänger taking his place. Speaking as a guest on the It’s All Connected podcast, David pokes fun at the rumors and insists his rock hard abs are 100 percent his own.

“It’s almost like being reborn,” he says, before playing along with the joke. “[My double double] took the baton and he’s like: ‘OK great. Cool, that was nice what you did on Born To Do It and Slicker Than Your Average was nice. Let me take that baton from you.'”

David adds, “I’m very on the periphery when it comes to conspiracy theories. I feel there’s a lot of nonsense going on.”

Hear that? All real, ladies.

Be the light.

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