Ellen DeGeneres Can’t Stop Gushing over Her Presidential Medal of Freedom

Ellen DeGeneres Addresses America the Day After the Election
Ellen DeGeneres wants to remind everyone why America is great.

Ellen DeGeneres opened up about forgetting her ID, doing the Mannequin Challenge, and receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House last week.

After being awarded the highest civilian honor by President Obamathe talk show host still can’t believe it. During her monologue on Tuesday’s (Nov. 29, 2016) episode of Ellen, DeGeneres expressed her profound gratitude.

“I was so honored to be with that group of people. It was amazing,” she said. “The ceremony was incredible. If you haven’t seen what President Obama said, go to our website, it was beautiful. I don’t even know how to express in words how honored I felt getting that from the President of the United States who I love so very much.”

“That was my Thanksgiving; it was probably my best one ever in my entire life,” she said before recalling the “fuss” she caused just to get into the White House. Why? Because she forgot her ID and wasn’t allowed inside the building.

That is until Portia de Rossi took a photo of DeGeneres sitting outside. “After it was viewed by millions of people in about five minutes, someone came out and went, ‘You can come in now.’” DeGeneres recalled. “I was causing a fuss.”


Watch her explain the whole experience in the clip above!