‘Hamilton’ Sets Broadway Sales Record, Grosses $3.3 Million in One Week

Hamilton set a record for making the most money in a single week in the history of Broadway.

The New York Times reports that the musical grossed $3.3 million last week, with each ticket selling at over $300 each. Previously, Wicked blew past the $3 million mark in 2013, but Hamilton achieved even greater sales in only eight performances as opposed to the nine shows that some productions run during a holiday week. The news of this sales record arrives after a visit from Vice president-elect Mike Pence during which he was booed by the audience and was directly addressed by the Hamilton cast from the stage.

Variety notes that these record sales cannot be solely attributed to the Pence controversy given that the week’s tickets would have been sold at such high prices long before the Vice president-elect came to visit the show. Thanksgiving is normally Broadway’s second-highest sales week just behind the week between Christmas and New Year’s.