Kanye West Was Reportedly Suffering from ‘Severe Paranoia’ and ‘Hallucinations’ Before Going to the Hospital

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Kanye West Gets Ready to Leave New York

With Kanye West still in the hospital, getting treated for sleep deprivation and extreme exhaustion, new insiders are coming forward attempting to explain how the hitmaker arrived in such a dire state. The reports paint the image of a lauded creative talent struggling to manage an overstuffed schedule and grappling with the violent and jarring robbery of his wife, Kim Kardashian, in Paris last month.

According to a source with Entertainment Tonight, West was showing signs of “severe paranoia” and “hallucinations” before friends and medical professionals forced him to check into the hospital.

He pushed himself too much,” the insider shared. “The Paris incident unsettled everyone, [but it] unsettled him the most. He had this anxiety that everyone around him was trying to get him.”

West’s confidante went on to explain that the rapper’s rigorous tour schedule and creative demands coupled with Kim’s terrifying experience put him on edge and nothing could calm him down.

“This is a person who tried to take on everything, and everyone around him tried to make him calm down and he just didn’t,” the source revealed. “He didn’t sleep at all. The hallucinations came in with lack of sleep and everything was heightened. There was a huge difficulty with being able to differentiate what is real or what is manifested by anxiety, and that’s why there was this concern — him not being able to acknowledge what is happening in real life.”

While admitting that this breakdown was “a long time coming,” the insider said friends and fans can expect the same polarizing and driven Kanye to emerge after getting some much-needed rest.

“Kanye is not changing who he is,” the ET source explained. “You’re still going to get the unfiltered Kanye who goes on these crazy rants and hops up onstage during the VMAs. Is he still going to say he should have ran for president? Of course. His personality won’t be changing at all. This was just an overworked, dehydrated, sleep-deprived person who lost himself and needed a recharge.”