Kathy Griffin Thinks Jon Hamm, Ashton Kutcher, and Anna Kendrick Are Pretty Rude

Kathy Griffin has met a lot of celebrities throughout her career. So naturally, there have been a few not-so-pleasant encounters with the rich and the famous.

In her new book, Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, the comedienne reveals that, based on her experiences, beloved Hollywood hunks Jon Hamm and Ashton Kutcher aren’t the nicest people. In fact, she loathes Hamm in particular.

“You’ll never convince me to like Jon Hamm,” she writes [via Us Weekly]. “The vibe I’ve always gotten from him is cold and somewhat disrespectful … toward me. I’m suggesting he’s one of these hot guys who’s mildly funny but actually thinks he’s comedian-level funny.”

Recalling the time the two ran into each other at an intimate but star-studded dinner, Griffin claims the Mad Men actor was extremely rude to her during the party. “‘He even said to me, ‘What are you doing here?’ I said, ‘I earned my seat at the table. What are you doing here?'” she remembers.

That same night, Griffin recalls Hamm, who went to rehab in 2015 for an alcohol addiction, drank heavily while she was having a conversation with Jack Nicholson. According to Griffin, it was then Hamm decided to interrupt their discussion to throw insults her her. “Hammy picks that moment … to start whispering boozy yammering into my ear,” she pens. “First it was, ‘You know your Emmy isn’t a real Emmy.’ I let that one go, but then he whispered, ‘You’re so o-o-o-old.’”

“Look, I’ve been told I’m old and not funny by a lot of guys — a lot of hot guys, too — but not when I’m in an intimate conversation space with frickin’ Jack Nicholson, an opportunity I figured I’d never get again; that’s the real reason I can’t stand Hammy,” she continues. “The double whammy of cruel but not playful comments and the horrible timing. Again, he’s not a comedian, folks. Hopefully done with the drink, but probably still Don Draper-y.”

Griffin also adds that her encounter with Kutcher was equally icy, claiming that the Two and a Half Men alum ignored her when they co-hosted a charity event back in 2005.

“At least three separate times, we were standing in the wings, waiting to go out and present, and I’d say something like, ‘Hey, what if, when we go out, we do this … ,’ and suggest something, and he’d just ignore me,” she shares. “If he said five words to me the whole day, I’d be surprised. It was bizarre and rude and made me feel as if he thought I was beneath him, someone not worth talking to in the slightest.”

Claiming that he also once snubbed her at a Mexican restaurant, Griffin’s final straw with Kutcher was when he butted into a conversation she was having with Diddy. “Kutcher stepped directly in front of me and started talking to Diddy as if I wasn’t even there,” she claims. “So that’s three incidents. Do I loathe him? No. He’s just someone who’s made it perfectly clear to me that I have absolutely nothing to offer him during his precious time on earth.”

However, rude behavior isn’t just limited to the men of Tinseltown. Griffin claims Anna Kendrick once dismissed her when she approached the actress to congratulate on her success in Up in the Air. “Really simple chitchatting, maybe thirty seconds,” she recalls their meeting, which occurred when the two were attending the Toronto International Film Festival. “Then she looked at me and very unabashedly said, ‘Um, I have to ask you to go. My cousin’s here visiting, and we need to catch up.'”

“Seriously, if there had been a security guard in the vicinity, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Kendrick had snapped her fingers to him and had me forcibly escorted away,” she muses. “It was that weird and, to my mind, rude.”

As for the people she actually likes, Griffin is a fan of director J.J. Abrams and Will Ferrell, who she says has been “lost to fame” in the most deserving of ways.

“He’s just so out of the stratosphere now with his career that I just don’t think it even occurs to him to say hello to his old pal Kathy,” she writes in the book. “It doesn’t bother me one bit. He was always a funny, nice guy but there are some rocket ships to stardom you just don’t see coming, and Will — sweet, hairy, suburban Will — was one of them.”