22 Men’s Cardigans That Any Guy Can Pull Off

Find a cardigan that suits your style below!

Colder weather is among us and sweaters are becoming a part of the everyday outfit. Cardigans are a great additional piece of warmth that you can take on and off as you please. They are great for layering under jackets and coats. Cardigans are sometimes viewed as formal but, can also be casual as oversized, hooded, and plain cardigans are more growing more popular. Regardless of their style, men can wear cardigans as they please.


If the more formal look is your style, there are plenty of cardigans to choose from. Cardigans with stripes on the arms and patches on the elbows give off a dressy scholarly look. There are also sweaters that are collared, which is evident in their name, shawl collar cardigans. Lastly, there are cardigans that have plaid prints, and it cannot get more preppy than plaid. All of these cardigans will look great with a button up shirt to suit your formal needs. Check out a few formal cardigan options below.

Plain and Simple

Simple cardigans are probably the most popular to wear. They have solid colors and simply button down. Since they are so plain they can be worn dressy or casual. Any kind of shirt from collared to a regular t-shirt can be worn underneath these cardigans. These simple cardigans vary in color and in material, here are some to consider.


For the guy whose style is more relaxed, oversized cardigans are a great option. Almost everything oversized is becoming trend, and for good reason. Oversized cardigans let you be as comfortable as possible with all the extra fabric draping over you and keeping you warm. Styling oversized cardigans is as casual as it can get, throw the cardigan over your favorite t-shirt and jeans and you are ready to go. Check out these five cardigans to choose from.


Hooded cardigans have the best of both a cardigan and hoodie. Sometimes you want to cover your head but, hoodies require so much effort to take off. The hooded cardigan gives you the ability to cover your head and take it off with ease. These cardigans cater to a more casual style, similar to the oversized cardigan. Here are a few hooded options to take a look at.

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