40 Items You Need To Make Cocktail Hour Run Smoothly

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Credit: Jez Timms/ Unsplash
CREDIT: Credit: Jez Timms/ Unsplash
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Enjoy cocktail hour with the items below!

During cocktail hour the only thing you are concerned with is having a great time. Allow yourself to have fun without worrying about how to open a bottle or clean a stain. The items below help you prepare your drinks and preserve them with ease.


Wine bottles are pretty high maintenance. They are exceptionally hard to open with out the specific tools and can enjoyed at many different temperatures. Be prepared to deal with wine. Corkscrews are required to open most bottles and it is convenient that most corkscrews come with a bottle opener. Wine buckets are ideal to fill up with ice and chill wine but can also be used for any other beverages you have.

Cocktail Tools

Whether you are making a daiquiri, martini, sangria or piña colada, mixing drinks is much easier when you have the right tools. There are many different cocktail tools to choose from when making drinks. A bar spoon doubling as a muddler can combine your carbonated drinks and crush the fruit and herbs to get the their true flavors. A cocktail shaker can be useful when you want your drink shaken-not stirred and a strainer can hold back the   ice and extra bits of pulp you that you would rather not have in your drink.  Check out the various cocktail tools below!


You never see someone drinking a mojito out of a wine glass, or a whiskey sour out of a flute glass. Just as there are designated tools for making a certain drink, there are designated glasses.  There is a certain science to why each drink is paired with a type of glass, which basically just helps the drink taste better. These glasses also look fancier than  normal glasses. So, during your festive occasions stick with the status quo and use the correct glasses.


At your get togethers avoid wet marks on your tables and counters that are a mystery to get out on wood surfaces. Use coasters. They are essential in protecting your furniture. There are also so many different shapes and style of coasters that you are sure to find some to suit your home or party theme.

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