WATCH: Paris Hilton Talks About Her Dumb Blonde Reputation

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Paris Hilton Insists She's Never Had Plastic Surgery
Though many in Hollywood have went under the knife for a tiny nip here and a small tuck there, Paris Hilton prefers to stay away from plastic surgery

Paris Hilton wants to be known as a businesswoman and entrepreneur these days, but she knows people still see her as the “ditzy airhead” she played on the 2003 reality TV show The Simple Life.

Sitting down with Access Hollywood‘s Liz Hernandez, Hilton said this was the role the producers asked her to play, while her cohort Nicole Richie was set up to play the “troublemaker.” Hilton confessed, “It was one of the first reality TV shows out there, so we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into or what a huge success it would be. And I had no idea I’d have to continue playing this character for five years.”

Hilton also opened up about the struggles of being in the spotlight and finding out who her real friends were, versus those just “there for the ride.”

The DJ also showed off a gorgeous diamond ring that she bought for herself, calling it her “lucky” diamond because she has worked incredibly hard to create her empire and be able to treat herself.  Watch the clip above!