Please Enjoy These Photos of Prince William Conducting a Train Like a Pro

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Prince William visited the Bombardier Transportation where he got the chance to conduct a train.

The Duke of Cambridge, who traveled to Derby, England on Wednesday (Nov. 30, 2016), met with the makers of a train which will run on the new Elizabeth Line. According to People, the line has been named after Queen Elizabeth.

After a brief lesson, Prince William decided to test run the train himself. In the photos, you can see him smiling from ear to ear as he takes control of the navigation.

Apparently, Prince George is a train lover, too. “He was saying that George would love it, he would be excited about seeing his dad driving,” Chris Brittan, a test track driver told reporters. “He was nice and controlled. We took it up to 30 miles per hour. He was doing all the driving. He said it’s easy to drive, it’s nice and smooth.”

Now we know where Prince William might take his son next.