Rihanna Met Prince Harry and All Was Right in the World

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Rihanna has finally met Prince Charming. Well, Prince Harry anyway.

While his brother was busy playing with trains, Harry was shaking hands with our favorite Bad Gal during his royal tour of the Caribbean. The 32-year-old was introduced the “Work” singer while attending the Toast to the Nation event in Rihanna homeland of Barbados on Wednesday (Nov. 30, 2016).

According to U.K. paper The Daily Express, Harry was greeted by the president before turning to RiRi, saying, “Hello, it’s very nice to meet you.”


Currently, Harry is visiting the Caribbean on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Since kick starting his tour of the island nations ten days ago in Antigua, Harry had also played sports with the locals,  released baby sea turtles in the sea and befriended a cheeky parrot. We’re guessing this topped his list of memorable experiences, though.