Scott Patterson Reveals He Had a Crush on ‘Girlmore Girls’ Co-Star Lauren Graham

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It’s hard to imagine Gilmore Girls without Scott Patterson.

After all these years, Scott Patterson revealed that he had a crush on his Gilmore Girls co-star, Lauren Graham.

In an interview with Wake Up with Taylor, the actor had no problem coming clean about the fact that he had a thing for Lorelai Gilmore in real life. “Everyone wants to know if you, over the years of working with Lauren, have had a crush on her, at any given point in working together,” the host asked.

“Hell yes!” Patterson replied with a laugh. “How can you not?” He does have a point.

Although they never got together in real life, their characters did on the show, and we’ll forever be grateful to the creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, for giving us that. Unfortunately, Gilmore Girls fans didn’t get to experience much of Luke and Lorelai’s love since the show was canceled soon after they got (back) together.

“Season 7 ended — we didn’t know it was the end of the series,” Patterson explained. “We didn’t. I got the call in Toronto on a film set that summer that the show was canceled.”

“I did cry. I don’t know if I really felt that bad,” he said. “I wasn’t terribly surprised. I think people were sort of getting artistically bankrupt. People were getting like, ‘Eh, let’s move on.’”

Listen to the rest of his interview below!