A Lot of ‘Walking Dead’ Fans Want to Have Rough Sex with Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan may play a bad guy on The Walking Dead, but he sure is getting a lot of love as the bat-wielding villain on the AMC series. In fact, the actor has received numerous request from fans to, um, show them the Lucille hiding beneath his pants.

“It’s mostly women who I get really weird fan mail from,” Morgan admits during his appearance on The Howard Stern Show Tuesday (Nov. 29, 2016). “Like, they just want to be, I don’t know, gagged and tied up and beat on a little bit.”

However, according to Morgan, men also have a tough time differentiating between fiction and reality. He notes, “I see [them] come up and size themselves up next to me, kind of puffing out their chest.”

Though Morgan’s mailbox continues to fill up with sexually charged letters, he says he’s a few nasty run-ins as well. Even before he was established as the big baddie and killed some of your favorite characters, the actor was already receiving some hate from viewers. Case in point: An encounter he had with a fan who demanded for his home address.

“This lady is at our car, and she’s probably 80 years old, and she comes up and just flips me off and says ‘Fuck you!'” Morgan, then hanging out with co-star Norman Reedus, recalled on Entertainment Weekly‘s SiriusXM show in October. “And Norman falls off his chair, laughing, and I’m like, ‘Whoa! Whoa!'”