‘Gilmore Girls’ Creator Explains the Meaning of Those Last Four Words

'Gilmore Girls' Matt Czuchry Knows the Answer to the Revival's Biggest Cliffhanger
Matt Czuchry, who plays Rory's on-again, off-again boyfriend Logan Huntzberger, knows who Rory's baby father is.

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband, Gilmore co-executive producer Daniel Palladino, are making the rounds to discuss Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Lifespecifically the short conversation Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) have at the very end.

For those who don’t know, here’s how it ended: “Mom,” Rory says to Lorelai as they sit on the steps of the Stars Hollow gazebo. “Yeah?” Lorelai asks. Rory turns to face her mother. “I’m pregnant,” she says. Then the screen cuts to black. Aaarrggghh!

Naturally, the internet exploded after the revival premiered last Friday (Nov. 29, 2016). Is it Logan’s (Matt Czuchry) baby (apparently Czuchry knows the truth), and how will it affect their relationship? And what about Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), who seems to clearly still love Rory?

Amy told Vulture, “We didn’t really know what that last season was until we got into it and then we asked a lot of questions and we found out where the show ended. The show could have ended in a different place that made those last four words completely irrelevant. So we went into breaking this in a way that we were really looking at it like these three women are at a crossroads. The patriarch has died and what’s the way forward for them?”

She explains that they could have ended the original series with the same four words, but it was more interesting to have Rory be pregnant at the same age Lorelei was when we first met her. “That’s just an interesting kind of dynamic. When we met Lorelai, she was 32 and that’s where she was in her life and now we’re leaving Rory at 32 with the thing on the horizon. It felt kind of cooler to us to do it now than if we had done it when we were still on the WB.”

The Palladinos also spoke with BuzzFeed about the ending and said it wouldn’t out the realm of possibilities for Rory not to keep the baby. “The abortion issue is so weird, you know, because it’s so testy with the world, especially the KKK world that we now live in. But I think that somebody as smart as Rory is going to take a step back and look at all the angles, and then make her decision, because it’s too important a job to make the wrong decision when it comes to kids.”

The bigger question, however, is front and center: Does this mean they are setting things up for another Gilmore Girls go-around? “Nope, not at all,” Sherman-Palladino told Vulture. “We’ve always tried to not wrap things up in a bow. We tried to do that on the series. Because life isn’t like that. You can have a good moment with a parent you are estranged from, and you have a great moment, and then the next time you see them, everything’s back to the way it was before and you guys are throwing knives at each other. Life doesn’t tend to fix things or wrap them up in bows. Because of that, we wanted the ending of this to not have a pat ‘And they all lived happily ever after!'” Sigh.

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