Here’s What We Learned About Scientology from Leah Remini’s Revealing Reddit AMA 

Since leaving the Church of Scientology in summer 2013, Leah Remini has become one of vocal opponents of the controversial organization’s practices. Her 2015 memoir Troublemaker revealed numerous troubling aspects of her experience with the religion, including her discovery of the devastating place where babies of members are cared for during the workday. On Tuesday (Nov. 30, 2016), Remini hosted a Reddit AMA, during which shared even more jaw-dropping stories from her time with Scientology.

“Your doctrine is abusive,” she shared. “It mandates that you abuse people.”

Remini explained that victims of abuse are prime targets for more ill treatment within the organization’s structure and system of misinformation.

“The most abusive thing that I’ve experienced is seeing the victims being further victimized by an organization that claims these things did not take place … from physical, to sexual, to mental abuse,” Remini wrote.

The 46-year-old actress explained that leaving the Church of Scientology is so difficult for many because frankly, it’s been their whole lives.

“They were born and raised into an ideology and have been surrounded and isolated. It is all they know,” she said. “They are victims. Most of the original Scientologists are all out and have spoken out.”

She also revealed that, over the course of her career, she has donated around $3 million to Scientology and that the organization is monitoring her constantly. She notes it’s something she has accepted.

“I’m okay with it because I knew what I was getting into and I knew the policies of the ‘church’ and what would happen by my speaking out against it,” she wrote.