Rihanna and Prince Harry Getting Tested for HIV Lead Today’s Star Sightings

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Rihanna has finally met Prince Charming. Well, Prince Harry anyway.
Watch Prince Harry Take an HIV Test
Prince Harry wants to destigmatize HIV testing by showing just had fast and easy it can be.

Rihanna and Prince Harry are sure learning a lot about each other.

On Thursday (Dec. 1, 2016), the duo, who were first introduced this week, visited Bridgetown, Barbados to raise awareness about World AIDS Day. Stopping by a local clinic, the singer and the British royal participated in a live HIV test to destigmatize the illness. While having their fingers pricked for blood samples, the two came across some pretty awkward talk about their respective sex lives.

“One of the myths is that royalty don’t have sex,” Fabian Sargeant, an HIV counsellor and social worker, told the duo. “Another myth is that royalty does not engage in oral sex.”

“And that royalty has blue blood?” the royal quipped, hoping to change the subject.

While the two weren’t able to dodge sex questions, they were happy to learn that both their results came back negative.

The “Man Aware” event marked the second time Harry had been tested for HIV in five months. In July, the 32-year-old underwent the same procedure when he met with psychotherapist Robert Palmer in London to stress the importance of testing.

“It’s better that everyone goes and gets tested,” he said in a video. “Why wouldn’t you? Whether you’re a man, woman, gay, straight, black, white, whatever, even ginger, why wouldn’t you come and have a test?”