WATCH: Emma Stone Fails at Playing a Hilarious Game of ‘Whisper Challenge’

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Emma Stone played a hilarious game of “Singing Whisper Challenge” with Jimmy Fallon and completely failed at it.

The La La Land star visited The Tonight Show on Thursday night (Dec. 1,2016), where she had to wear headphones blasting loud music while the late night TV host attempted to sing her songs. Although the game seems pretty simple, it’s a lot harder than it looks — and Stone’s experience is proof of that.

“Whatever you’re doing looks inappropriate. Like, there’s no why you’re doing it on the show,” she loudly shouted over the noise of her headphones when Fallon tried to sing her Bruce Springsteen‘s “Born in the U.S.A.” “It looks like ‘Pork in the Desert.’”

After what seemed like a million guesses, Stone, 28, finally gets it right. Watch the video above to witness her hilarious struggle at guessing other songs correctly, too.