Keira Knightley on Her Stalker: ‘I’m Scared Every Time I Go Outside’

Keira Knightley stated her case in the trial against Mark Revill, her 49-year old stalker that recently changed his name to “Mark McCattipus.”

Page Six reports that Revill repeatedly visited her London home, made meowing noises through her letter box and even delivered postcards featuring “cats and a USB stick containing a song he wrote called ‘The Fuzzy Kitty Waltz.'” In addition to the postcards, Revill sent her a note that asked her if she listened to his music and wrote two letters addressed to her mother. One picture of two cats was labeled, “That’s you on the right, the stupid looking one, and that’s me on the left.”

In her court statement, Knightley said, “This man has caused a lot of ­distress and panic. I’m scared every time I go outside. When I return home I have to look behind me, I don’t know who might be in the shadows.”

She added, “The thought of my daughter being at risk is my worst nightmare.”

According to the report about her court hearing, Knightley turned her North London home into a “hi-tech fortress” with high-security shutters after Revill drew a chalk arrow that pointed to her door. She instructed civil lawyers to approach her stalker and tell him to leave her alone and, at one point, her husband James Righton had to chase the flasher away. Knightley’s family is now looking to move based on her stalker’s persistence.

“We loved living in this borough for two years. My family enjoyed visiting local shops and playing in local parks, and being close to the heartbeat of London,” said Knightley. “We are now looking to move house outside of the borough. We had hoped our child would go to school here. When I return home I have to look behind me concerned, I don’t know who might be in shadows.”

Revill admitted to the stalking and claimed that he is approaching her in order to promote his music. He was previously convicted for indecent exposure when he sent letters to a female staff member at a hospital before he showed up to her house completely naked.