WATCH: Lauren Graham on Whether or Not There’s Actually Coffee in Her Cup on ‘Gilmore Girls’ 

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By now, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has been available to stream on Netflix for a week now and you’ve likely already binged all four installments (and maybe, possibly started the entire show all over again). In the week since the revival’s release, a surprising amount of controversies have cropped up as well. Last night (Dec. 2, 2016), Lauren Graham paid a visit to The Late Show where she addressed the latest Stars Hollow scandal…

Stephen Colbert mentioned to the TV star that viewers have been critical online about the way Lorelai holds her Luke’s Diner coffee cup (from the bottom) and wondered if the actors are ever actually drinking coffee on the show.

“I want to tell you one thing, that is a true thing,” Graham told the late-night host. “There is always coffee in my cup. Always. That is a pet peeve of mine. I’m holding it. I’m holding it like this [picks it up]. I’m looking at snow, I’m holding the cup. I’m drinking. I love the controversies that are cropping up!”

Afterward, Graham effortlessly demonstrated that just because you’re holding a cup of joe from the bottom does mean it’s impossible to take a drink.

During her visit, the actress also discussed the chance to get to return to the beloved fictional town, which she described as “halfway between New Haven and our imagination,” and a character she adored, a rarity in Hollywood.

“It was so emotional for so many reasons. You hardly ever get a chance at any point in life to appreciate the moment you’re in while you’re in it,” she said. “The fact that it was sort of the people who brought us back and we got to finish a story that we hadn’t gotten to finish and this character I love so much. I was just a freak, and I had so much appreciation. It was actually very overwhelming. I’m not a person who cries very easily, but I cried almost every day.”

Watch the entire interview in the clip above.