Madonna Thinks Hillary Clinton Lost the Election Because ‘Women Hate Women’

Like so many of us, Madonna is still reeling from the 2016 presidential election results.

Speaking with Billboard as the publication’s Woman of the Year, the singer expressed her belief that Donald Trump was elected as president because of sexism and misogyny ingrained in society. Explaining that “we’re fucked” now that Hillary Clinton lost, Madonna claimed that the United States is on the decline now that so many people “took their hands off the wheel.”

“It felt like someone died. It felt like a ­combination of the heartbreak and betrayal you feel when someone you love more than anything leaves you, and also a death,” she told the outlet about her reaction to election. “I feel that way every morning; I wake up and say, ‘Oh, wait, Donald Trump is still the president,’ and it wasn’t a bad dream that I had. It feels like women betrayed us. The percentage of women who voted for Trump was insanely high.”

“Women hate women. That’s what I think it is. Women’s nature is not to support other women,” she continued. “It’s really sad. Men protect each other, and women protect their men and children. Women turn inward and men are more external. A lot of it has do with jealousy and some sort of tribal inability to accept that one of their kind could lead a nation. Other people just didn’t bother to vote because they didn’t like either candidate, or they didn’t think Trump had a chance in the world.”

She added, “I just can’t put him and Barack Obama in the same ­sentence, same room, same job description.”

Though Madge met Trump in the past and admittedly “found his political incorrectness amusing,” she insisted the former The Apprentice host is not fit to be Commander in Chief.

“We live in a country that’s run by ­bankers. In a way, it makes sense that Donald Trump is the president. Because money rules. Not intelligence, not experience, not a moral compass, not the ability to make wise ­decisions, not the ability to think of the future of the human race,” she said. “I just can’t put him and Barack Obama in the same ­sentence, same room, same job description.”

She shared, “We’re the laughing stock of the universe right now. We can no longer criticize other governments, other leaders. I’m hanging my head in shame.”

For Madonna, having Trump in the Oval Office was just another thing on her growing list of things to worry about. In the same interview, she noted that she was “dealing with artists and ­temperamental people” for her Art Basel show. The event, which happened this weekend, ended up raising over $7.5 million for the African nation of Malawi.

“I didn’t think it was going to be as complicated as it is, but, oh well, that’s life. It’s complicated because I’m involved with everything: the lighting, the curtains, the flowers, the decor, the food. I’ve tasted too many bad bottles of wine. This auction is an extension of me, so I want everything to be beautiful, tasteful and well-appointed,” she said of the fundraiser, which had tickets going for $5,000 a piece. “I’ve been working in Malawi for over a decade. I have a huge commitment and love for the country and I will never desert them.”

As reported, Madonna told her ex-husband, Sean Penn, that she still loves him and offered to remarry him if he bid $150,000 on a necklace at the charity auction. As the two were handcuffed together, she quipped, “We’re reliving our marriage. … I’m more in love with you now that we’re divorced!”

The singer also locked lips with Karolina Kurkova as she took the stage to model Bulgari pieces being auctioned at the star-studded soirée. “Let’s get drunk!” the 58-year-old was overheard telling guests.

Sponsored by Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque, Madonna’s party was attended by Leonardo DiCaprio, Ariana Grande, Chris Rock, Alex Rodriguez, Dave Chapelle and David Blaine.