‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Everybody Wants to Get Negan

A Lot of 'Walking Dead' Fans Want to Have Rough Sex with Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan may play a bad guy on The Walking Dead, but he sure is getting a lot of love as the bat-wielding villain on the AMC series

One thing was made clear in Sunday’s (Dec. 4, 2016) episode of The Walking Dead: There are many people who want to see Negan dead. Do you blame them?

[Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the episode]

In the episode “Sing Me a Song,” we see more of Negan’s world and how he rules it with great fear and intimidation. He is more like a sadistic cult leader aka Jim Jones, but in this world, he can get away with it. Or can he? Judging from revenge-filled animosity from our favorite crew and the growing unrest within Negan’s Saviors, we think a rebellion is imminent.

First, Carl’s plan to go into the Savior’s compound and take Negan out doesn’t work. Jesus jumps off the truck before they get there, but Carl won’t follow the lead and stays on the truck. Once Carl gets in, he starts shooting, but naturally does not kill Negan, just two of his men. Carl is quickly captured. Negan comes out. “I ain’t gonna lie, kid, you scare the shit out of me,” he tells Carl, impressed with the kid’s bravado. Yes, Carl is fearless, but he’s also a dumbass.

Just like any other day, Negan now gets to have fun playing mind games with Carl, to show him who is cock of the walk. He takes Carl to a room filled with pretty women, who are all Negan’s wives, including Dwight’s ex-wife, Sherry, and shows how menacing and awful he can be. But Sherry and Dwight look like they might defect if they get the chance.

Then Negan takes Carl into his bedroom. He’s not going to let the fact Carl killed two of his men slide. Carl has to be punished. Negan demands Carl to take off his eye bandage. He is repulsed by it and tells the kid that, making him cry. Negan softens a little, feels bad for just a second. He actually thinks Carl is a real badass and says he shouldn’t cover up the eye. Negan then wants Carl to sing him a song, as Negan swings Lucille around. He says he is trying to teach Carl how to break balls, like men do, like his father, Rick, should be doing.

Finally, Negan lets Carl see just how he serves out punishment when someone in the Saviors breaks a rule. If you break them, you get the iron. A hapless guy sits in a chair, as Negan puts a scalding hot iron on his face. The man also pisses in his pants, so Negan makes Daryl clean it up. Daryl has been trying to hold it together since Carl arrived, but one hopes he has some plan up his sleeve for seemingly giving in like this. Turns out, someone is willing to help Daryl escape, slipping him a key under his cell door. (Oh, and Jesus is still out there, too).

Meanwhile, Rick and the rest are out in pairs, trying to find supplies for Negan. Spencer and Gabriel are out on a run, and Spencer complains about Rick. He hates Rick and believes everything that has happened to them is Rick’s fault. He wishes he’d just die. Gabriel makes him stop the car and tells Spencer what he is saying doesn’t make him a sinner, just “an enormous shit.” Then he leaves to walk back to Alexandria, leaving Spencer on his own – and the dude ends up finding a bunch of supplies.

Rick and Aaron are out together as well and find someone’s domain – a house on the opposite side of lake filled with zombies. Wonder who lives there, and is that person also under Negan’s control?

As for those of the Alexandrian crew who want revenge, there’s Rosita, who goes out with Eugene so he could make her a bullet. He doesn’t want to do it and tries to talk her out of it. He makes a very valid point that there’s probably no chance in hell she’ll get the opportunity to shoot Negan. Still, Rosita gets in his face, calls him weak and says for once do something useful and make her a bullet. He does it, and later, won’t accept her apology.

What’s Michonne doing? She sees the burned mattresses and then whistles to bring a couple of zombies out. She kills them and then drags them off. We later see that she created a road block with the walker bodies and traps a Savior in a truck. Michonne demands to be taken to Negan. So, that’s what, four now singlehandedly going after the man?

Well, they all might get a shot because Negan returns to Alexandria with Carl. The bad guy hasn’t figured out yet what to do with Carl, so might as well go talk to Rick about it, except Rick isn’t there. That’s fine, Negan will wait and makes Carl take him on a tour of the house, with the plush carpet and the running water and the dart board – and finally, Negan meets little Judith.

The episode ends with Negan, on the porch holding and cooing to Judith, saying it might not be a bad deal to just kill Rick and take his place right here. Oh shit. The 90-minute mid-season finale next week should be a doozy.