Alec Baldwin Talks Why He’ll Continue Playing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live

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Donald Trump Critiques 'SNL' Impersonation
Alec Baldwin promised to stop... on one condition.

Alec Baldwin took some time off from impersonating Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live immediately following the presidential election. The actor recently sat down with HOLA! magazine to talk about why he came back.

According to Us Weekly, Baldwin said he hopes his impersonation will help Americans laugh again.

“I’m glad people find it funny,” Baldwin said, “but at the same time, I think people were very worried about the election. Both sides are very passionate, so it’s been a very, very difficult time in this country.”

Baldwin returned to the long-running sketch comedy show in a sketch that made fun of the president-elect for his constant tweeting. Trump responded to the sketch by tweeting that the show is “unwatchable.”

“I haven’t felt like this in a long, long time,” Baldwin continued. “There are bad feelings on both sides, so to have the opportunity to give people a chance to talk and laugh about it is a good thing.”