60 Holiday Table Top Items To Make Your Dinner Table Extra Festive

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Decorate your kitchen and dining rooms for the holidays with the tabletop below!

When dining during the holidays, the food is definitely the star of the show but, the tabletop on which the food is presented plays an important supporting role. Tablecloths, napkins, placemats and more give the table the holiday ambiance that everyone loves. Here are some ideas on how to make your table look more festive during the holidays.


Protecting the table from food or drink spills is key for a quick post-dinner clean up. Tablecloths, place mats, and coasters are your friend. They dress up an ordinary table within minutes, making it look fancy and ready for food. Check out some options below.


Eating out of our hands is a no no – especially during the holidays so, plates, knives and forks come next on the table. These holiday options are decorated with holiday symbols like mistletoe, and colors like red, white and green. Here are sixteen dishes to choose from.

Cups & Mugs

Cups and mugs are necessary to wash down all of the delicious holiday feast. Similar to the dishes, these cups are adorned with the holiday colors and symbols like The Gingerbread Man. They will coordinate well with your table as well as your dishes. Drink up in the holiday spirit with the cups and mugs below!


Your table is pretty much ready to go after the tablecloth, plates, and cups. Yet, if you want to add something extra special to your table, check out the accessories below. Subtle additions like napkin rings, cute salt and pepper shakers, and serving boards will help your table be a holiday success. Take a look at these twelve accessories!

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