Michelle William Gets Real About What It’s Like to Live in the Public Eye

Michelle Williams Talks Tackling Parenthood Without Heath Ledger
Michelle Williams opens up about the void Heath Ledger left when he died.

Michelle Williams opened up to ELLE about how difficult it is to live her life in Hollywood.

The actress revealed how the paparazzi and tabloids made it almost impossible to live the life she wanted for herself. “If you feel like people are watching you, it’s impossible to have an authentic experience of being alive,” she told the magazine. “There’s a performative aspect and a guardedness, and that’s just death.”

“I don’t know how to live like that, and I don’t know how to give a life to my child like that,” she added, referring to her daughter with the late Heath Ledger.

michelle williams
CREDIT: Elle Magazine

The Manchester by the Sea star said she also learned to set boundaries for herself. “It’s not naturally my inclination to be a boundary draw-er,” she said. “It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve been in an interview. But I have better boundaries now. I feel less susceptible to emotional wreck-diving to come up with explanations for everything.”

The January issue of ELLE hits newsstands on December 13.