WATCH: Chris Pratt Dresses Up as Santa for Mad Libs with Jimmy Fallon

Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon played a hilarious holiday-themed game of Mad Libs Theatre.

Before putting on a Santa suit, the Passengers star was asked a series of questions, and his answers (including “pickles, “gerbils” and “spanking”) were later added to a script that involved he and his elf. The sketch then found Pratt’s Santa accusing Fallon’s elf of stealing a toy from his workshop.

As you could expect, the two were in a fit of giggles for the most part, especially when Pratt asked Fallon, “Why did Rudolph see you spanking on the roof?” The talk show host later admitted it was him who stole the “ding dongs,” which were supposed to be for the little “Jennifer Lawrence[s],” but said he only did it to impress his “pediatrician.”

But, the best Mad Libs fill-in went to one hilarious line. “The reason I work so hard is because I get to spread joy to millions of people, and go sit by the fire shaking my nad,” Pratt said.

Watch the hilarious — and kinda NSFW — video above!