Cruz Beckham’s First Christmas Single Sparks Twitter Feud with Piers Morgan

David and Victoria Beckham’s youngest son, Cruz, has released his first-ever Christmas song.

“If Every Day Was Christmas” received its first radio play on Tuesday (Dec. 7, 2016), and is now available to stream with all of the proceeds going to charity. Sounds exciting, right? On top of celebrating the single’s release, Cruz also signed a deal with Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun.

But while the David and Victoria showered Cruz with love and support, Piers Morgan accused the couple of “pimp[ing] out their son at the age of 11” in a column titled “Cruz Beckham is a cute kid but the only thing he really has going for him are his famous pimps, er, I mean parents. And they just sold his soul to the Fame Devil, along with their own.”

Scooter, who manages Cruz’s new Twitter and Instagram, defended the family.

All Twitter feuds aside, the song is pretty catchy. Listen below!