Khloé Kardashian Has the Perfect Way to Get Rid of a Hangover

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Because the holiday season is upon us, the drinking and partying have begun in earnest. Thankfully, Khloé Kardashian is here to help us all get through it.

In a new post on her app, Kardashian wrote, “I’m no stranger to living it up on a night out and then enduring a rough morning. Obviously prevention is the key to avoiding a hangover, but sometimes things get carried away and what’s done is done. If you’re attending a lot of holiday parties this year, make sure to read about these holistic hangover cures so you can party hard and still get sh*t done the next day.

One tip is to do a little yoga. She wrote, “If the thought of yoga isn’t vomit-inducing, then try doing child’s pose. The position is said to stimulate the circulation of lymph, a fluid in your body that helps remove toxins, AKA all of that alcohol you drank last night.”

Kardashian also says drink lots of water. “If you wake up with a headache and feel dehydrated, then a big glass of water is going to be your new BFF. But don’t’ stop there! You can also fill your system with electrolyte-packed coconut water (if you’re not allergic like I am, LOL), mint tea or lemon water with ginger to help flush out the toxins and relieve nausea.”

The youngest Kardashian was spotted leaving LAX on Wednesday (Dec. 7, 2016) (see pics above) and recently clapped back at a Cleveland Cavalier fan who accused her of ruining boyfriend Tristan Thompson’s game. She tweeted, “They are #1 in their conference but thanks 4 sucking my dick hard enough 2 think I have that much power,” adding, “Lick on my balls while you’re at it.”

Make good choices, everyone!