Michelle Obama Opens Up About the Night Donald Trump Was Elected

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CREDIT: Courtesy of People

First Lady Michelle Obama was one of Hillary Clinton‘s most staunch supporters during the 2016 Presidential election, even traveling all over the country to campaign for her nominee.

The First Lady made it clear on multiple occasions that she feared a Donald Trump Presidency, giving several moving speeches about what she believed a Trump presidency would mean for our country and more specifically, our children. But when election night finally rolled around, the First Lady didn’t bother to stay up and find out if all of her hard work paid off. Instead, she went to bed.

While most of the country stayed up til the wee hours of the morning, on the edge of their seat to find out who would be the next President of the United States, Obama was fast asleep. “I went to bed. I don’t like to watch the political discourse; I never have,” Obama confessed to People. “I barely did with him,” she added of her husband’s campaigns.

While Obama was a strong opponent of Trump and 100% stands by what she said about the now President-elect during campaign season, she, like President Barack Obama, is dedicated to making sure the transition to the new administration is as seamless as possible. “This is our democracy, and this is how it works,” she said. “We are ready to work with the next administration and make sure they are as successful as they can be. Because that’s what’s best for this country.”