Emma Stone Says Reliving Bad Auditions for ‘La La Land’ Was a ‘Cathartic’ Experience 

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Perhaps it’s the cynicism that’s crept into everyone’s moods since the general election; perhaps it’s the dream-destroying reputation of Hollywood, but it’s possible La La Land is precisely the kind of old-fashioned, love story movie-goers need right now. Emma Stone, who plays the film’s ingénue, seems to agree. In a recent interview, she reflected on some gut-wrenching previous auditions and how they helped when making the new musical.

It was a cathartic and interesting part of playing Mia,” Stone told E! News when asked about the film’s scenes that explore just how brutal the auditioning process is. “Ryan [Gosling] and I told Damien some of our audition stories so he was nice enough to utilize some of those.”

Afterward, the 28-year-old actress was asked if she had anything to say to her younger self during those years when she was struggling. She responded that she’d rather let sleeping dogs lie and embrace where she’s come from.

“I don’t really know if I would tell myself anything because I feel happy to be where I am now and I think it all sort of unfolds the way it’s supposed to unfold,” she said. “So I wouldn’t want to change any course along the way.”

La La Land waltzes into theaters tomorrow Dec. 9, 2016.