Here’s What Kendall Jenner Wants You to Buy Your ‘Super-Fancy Friend’ This Holiday

Kendall Jenner spares no expense when it comes to gifts for her love one. So why shouldn’t you?

In a new post shared on her app, the model recommends her subscribers buying their friends and family luxury gifts that, well, only someone with a Kardashian salary can afford. While her suggestions are not as extravagant as the ones found on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop gift guide, which featured a $8,300 yurt and a $10,000 sex club membership, there are a few items that cost as much as your rent.

As far as “swanky” presents go, Jenner has included a $8,093 foosball table, a $3,100 set of dominos from Louis Vuitton, a pair of $1,195 roller skates by Saint Laurent, and a furry Fendi keychain worth $1,500 in her guide.

“I wanted to find the coolest splurge-worthy items, which is always fun—even if it’s just to look! And, if you have a super-fancy friend or family member in your life, something here will definitely make her or him smile!” Jenner writes.

Yes, because who wouldn’t want to receive a $330 stack of crystal logs that you can’t even burn in your fireplace?

If you’re on the hunt for even more weird gifts, Jenner suggests picking up a $70 pizza-shaped notepad or an $80 pillow with a pair of boobs printed on the front in her “silly” gift guide.

If this is what she wants you to buy, we honestly can’t wait to see what gifts she’s actually giving to her friends. In the meantime, click through the gallery below to see photos of Jenner our with BFF Hailey Baldwin this week!