WATCH: Ryan Gosling Teaches Jimmy Kimmel How to Waltz

As if Ryan Gosling wasn’t dreamy enough already, the La La Land star showed off romantic side as he taught Jimmy Kimmel how to waltz during his latest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I only know the guy parts, so that puts you in an interesting position,” he warned before the demonstration. Grabbing the late night talk show host by he waist, he said, “Now, my forefinger and my thumb are going to start talking to your lower back, so I just need your lower back to pay attention.”

However, Gosling had to stop their dance when he noticed that Kimmel wasn’t looking him in his eyes. Playfully chiding his partner, the actor joked that they had to maintain eye contact so that he can “feel like the only person in the room.”

“Are you dancing with them over there or are you dancing with me?” Gosling asked. “The world melts away. It’s just you and I.”

Swoon! Watch how they did — above.